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Basic Economics, Thomas Sowell

This is one of the best books on economics, and is a must-read for anyone interested in individual rights and freedom.

The Constitution of Liberty, F.A. Hayek

This is a great work from of the most seminal “Libertarian” thinkers in modern history. It’s essential reading for anyone interested in promoting equity and inclusion.

Democracy: The God that Failed, Hans Herman-Hoppe

In today’s world, we’re forced to accept that democracy is good.
But what if it isn’t?
Libertarians, being committed above all to individual freedom, must examine the underlying political contexts in which they operate. …

There is some debate today about the subjectivity of certain beliefs or convictions. “Moral relativity” and post-modernism are easy targets in certain circles, as there is a push to legitimate the upholding of certain traditions and values through philosophical and academic endeavors.

None of that is to say that I do not believe there is NOT a universal, objective standard for truth. There IS. Or, perhaps, more appropriately, there are.

Take, for instance, murder.

If you distill the basic concept down to its core essence, murder is the societally unsanctioned taking of INTRA-COMMUNITY life. …

“And here we are, at the scene of today’s American Gore Live, set in beautiful downtown Charleston. Charleston, West Virginia, that is,” the male announcer said, his voice overly enthusiastic.

Staring at the blueish glow emanating from my six-point-one inch dynamic AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, I nodded and offered up a sinister smile as I shoved a fistful of popcorn in my mouth. Wiping the resulting grease on my baggy gray sweatpants that exposed bits of hairy shin, I paused to sneer at the smear left by the residual butter now clogging my veins. Then I returned to my favorite reality…

Summary: The debate among America’s colonial founders regarding the need for and scope of a standing federal military helped give rise to the Second Amendment. Many early American leaders neither wanted nor trusted a federalized military. A draft with far fewer exemptions than have been contemporaneously used would help alleviate the need for a large standing federal military and could help ensure that any future wars enjoyed widespread public support, congressional approval, and that a well-defined threat would be dealt with in a swift and dramatic way that ensured the safety of all relevant personnel. Despite the controversial nature of…


Thomas Jefferson’s seminal ideas influenced world history. Perhaps one of his most famous concepts was that individuals should be able to do anything that caused no harm to others. Given that this prominent figure in our nation’s epic saga grew hemp and may have even used it for its psychoactive properties- i.e., to get high, stoned, blitzed, bombed, or wasted- it seems reasonable to assert that he included cannabis cultivation among the acts which “caused no harm to others.”

However, this essay is not an argument for the abolition of drug laws. That’s a different essay. This essay is…

As I sat, internally engaging in the now-familiar debate of whether or not I should include a “trigger warning” for a story I’d hastily written on my phone while my daughter cried somewhere in the background because she couldn’t find her (current) favorite stuffed toy, I was confronted with the harsh reality that we’ve entered a dangerous epoch, teetering on the precarious precipice of censorship, with our collective grip loosening with each passing second.

The most recent waves of flashy bans- like everything with social media, designed to send a signal and modify human behavior- has had a clear…

*This content contains language or themes that might not be appropriate for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.

Dancing around his small, cramped, brightly lit kitchen, he twirled in circles and threw his hands in the air as he listened to Rittz on his pirated Pandora. Throwing two fingers in the air suddenly, he offered a stupid smile and said: “fuck you, Pandora.” Then, realizing the company produced- or at least distributed- content he enjoyed, he chuckled and shrugged. “Sorry, I guess.”

Stirring the limp pale gray nuggets of meat into a thick, rich red sauce, he swayed his hips…

We’ve all seen the lists.

You know the ones. They look at the number of registered Libertarians and/or donations to Ron Paul at some point in the not-so-distant past and attempt to make inferences about entire states based on that data. And those lists aren’t a bad thing, by any means.


What they fail to address is that states are (usually) very big, diverse places. And no two states are created equally. Which is one reason we have the concept of federalism and decentralized government to begin with. Some states are more rural in character. Others host major cities…

We all fear it.

Yes, it’s time to talk about elections.

While many of us will likely heave a sigh of relief the very second 2020 is over, the unfortunate reality that will continue to batter most of us every single day for the next three- or even four- months is that…

Well, 2020 isn’t over yet.

And, even with many of us dominated by covid concerns, we’re all afraid of what the 2020 election will look like. With so much uncertainty, many have even begun entertaining plausible theories that the election may not even go on at all. And…

Abstract: External supply chains in the modern era represent a grave threat to the American people, American businesses, and American interests, both domestically and abroad. This overreliance also presents a glaring national security threat. Reducing American dependence on foreign supply chains by restoring jobs to America would benefit the nation as a whole by raising aggregate welfare.

A construction worker. (Courtesy: Pixabay)

Summary: Americans are more productive than most foreign laborers. They are in America, reducing the risks and costs of maritime travel, cultural and time differences, legal complexities, etc. There are more worker and intellectual property protections and less corruption in America, as well…

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